About Us

Calgary Art Life embraces all forms of art by celebrating and honoring art. By encouraging aspirants and continuing the legacies, Calgary Art Life aims to achieve a balance of art and fun, not only for the industry but also to the people as well.

As one community

We hear from you. From your feedback and criticism, we pay attention to what really matters.

We engage in many surveys and forums in order to hear from you directly, to help us improve our services and to share information with you so you’ll never be left out.

Achieving Our Goals

We’re always taking the extra mile to ensure that we are a step closer to achieve our goals with you. We strive to give you solid and satisfactory results, using your investment in improving our city in the right way.

We’re working in providing you with a safer environment- building new transportation services and service centers and infrastructures.

We are also strengthening rules and policies for a cleaner and greener city.

Doing it the Calgarian Way

By partnering with the administration and the community, we hope to deliver our best with collaborations and alliances for a fruitful outcome. Leading with integrity and confidence for transparent communication.