Cultural Life

Calgary is rich with art and fashion, dance and film, food and cultural festivals and more. Having over 100 languages spoken, Calgary takes a whole new standpoint in having unity in diversity. With a singular vision in attaining a better place for everyone, our city is indeed ready to share and experience a place worth visiting and even staying for.

Not only do we celebrate diversity but we also encourage growth and development in culture and arts by creating opportunities and events. This way, not only gaining experience, but we also want you to have fun as well!


Events and Exhibits

We keep it interesting and fun by having festivals regularly so that we, as a community, can grow stronger and give visitors an insight into how our city aims to be a creative and growing city.

Furthermore, we have art exhibits all year round that would keep you entertained with the majestic and depth of each art.

Street Performances

Buskers can keep you company as you stroll around in the city, giving you a glimpse of the city’s talent and spirit.

Culture and Art

We have our own Public Art Program wherein we showcase different forms of art to make you see and feel the city artistically and creatively. Besides, we have our own set of policies and rules on how we manage the artistic side of our community.


We have programs and workshops for aspiring artists and we also have a program you can grab as you give the realm of public art a try in improving your studio experience.

There are Art Centres that can cater to your artistic needs and desire with solid visual and performing arts programs. Consequently, we have many universities wherein you can meet fellow artists to share your passion with.