Our city has wide-ranging genres of music- varying from local bands to international performances you’ll enjoy. On top of that, you can also enjoy musical events and festivals held by different music centers
In Calgary, we celebrate the existence of music. Music centers such as National Music Centre (NMC) and Arts Commons were established to provide enjoyment with an extensive collection of music performed by well-known acts such as Calgary …


Not only excelling in art, music, and dance, our city also offers theatre performances and events from time to time. These collaborative performances from our actors and actresses will hit close to home with their world-class stage.
With various theatrical performances you can choose, you’ll certainly have a night (and money!) well-spent. You will get to take part in the magic and be enamored with the performance where life takes the center stage.
You can visit Arts Commons, the home of Calgary’s artistic and innovative …

Visual Arts

Want to study visual arts? Our city has got it covered for you.
Countless art galleries, art centers and studios, including artisan shops can be found in Calgary. There are many programs you can sign up, ranging from beginners to advanced courses that you can enjoy.
We have various museums and galleries that would certainly pique your interests in culture and art.  You can also enjoy art exhibits from local and international artists showcased in the city.
Galleries and Museums
These galleries and museums will surely satisfy your eclectic and vibrant tastes when it comes to art.
Simply click the name of…


Calgary embraces the old and the new, the classic, the modern, the traditional and everything in between when it comes to dancing. There are various dance programs you can look into and numerous dance schools ready to accommodate hopefuls of all ages and gender.
This way, not only you get to enjoy your hobby, but you also get to learn more and even making a professional career out of it!
Dance Studios
As mentioned, here are some of the dance studios you can choose in pursuing your passion.

Absolute Dance Inc….