How to Vape Responsibly At Festivals

Nowadays, numerous countries have embraced vaping to the point of legalizing different vape devices. However, is it appropriate to vape at festivals? The answer to this question will depend on the rules of a certain country as well as the general etiquette.

Having said that, vaping tips like here will allow you to enjoy a momentous event.

General Rules of Vaping at Festivals or Concerts

If you plan on carrying your vape devices to events, ensure you enquire about all the rules beforehand. This is because some public spaces prohibit vaping but may include designated areas.

Also, it is common sense to choose an appropriate vaping place, preferably away from other people, in case there are non-smokers. More importantly, don’t go around blowing huge clouds of smoke on other people’s faces.

The following are some other ways that will allow you to keep a good vaping habit during concerts and festivals.

Choose appropriate vaping areas

If you’re going to vape at events, remember that not everyone is comfortable being near someone who vapes. For this reason, choose a vaping location that is away from any public setting. It would be even better if the event includes designated vaping areas since you won’t have to hassle for one.

However, you can still try a few tricks in case there are no perfect vaping places around. This includes exhaling the vapor upwards or while facing the opposite direction, away from other event-goers.

Maintain safeness

The use of box mods can generate thick and flavorful vapor. However, carrying them to festivals is not appropriate since they tend to cause leakage in case of accidental bumping. Moreover, they can also self-ignite due to the use of powerful lithium batteries and produce flavors that are maybe unenjoyable to other people.

Be an occasional vaper

If you do not vape regularly, then you do not need to carry your vape devices to every event you attend. Otherwise, you can come up with periods where you can seclude yourself to vape. In this case, find out which method works for you and use it.

Stealth vaping methods

This is one of the best methods to use while in events since no one will get affected by your vaping habit. You can use tiny vape devices that produce small clouds of vapor which are unnoticeable. In addition, you can try out the following stealth vaping methods:

  • Use low-battery power
  • Instead of taking shorter hits, you can transition to longer ones.
  • Inhale and hold the vapor before exhaling.
  • Exhale through the nostrils.
  • Use your clothing to reduce the cloud you produce.
  • Practice these techniques before the actual festival.

Everyone in a festival is meant to have a blast thus blowing clouds of vapor at non-smokers is one of the things you should never do. Therefore, ensure you respect everyone’s personal space and use designated vaping areas instead when going to an event or festival.

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