Things You Shouldn’t Forget to Bring to Folk Fest

We all want to have a good time. Going to a festival, we just want to shake the stress away by chilling and eating to our heart’s content. Along with our family and friends, we just want to spend our free time making sweet memories with them.

As such, to make your escapade more comfortable, we’ve listed down the things that you can bring during the festival.


Don’t forget to charge them first! Better to add the power bank too.

Water Bottle

There’ll be water stations at the festival, so you won’t need to buy one. Keep hydrated!


So, you can store those tokens and souvenirs in a safe and secure place.


You might want to take a breather by having a picnic in the shade.


‘Cause food is life.

Festival Chair

Sit and relax as you enjoy performances but make sure that the chair doesn’t obstruct other’s views.


It is better to keep a few bills with you since it might get bothersome trying to find ATM machines in the huge crowd.

Lastly, remember to have fun and be mindful of others. You’re not the only one who is trying to enjoy the festival!

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