Why You Shouldn’t Miss Folk Festival

Started during the ’80s, Calgary Folk Festival has been an annual tradition for the residents and has been increasingly popular for the tourists as well. Orginally staged in a backyard garden by a new mother of two sons. This four-day event has always been held at Prince’s Island which showcases musical extravaganza and cultural performances.

With a star-studded lineup of artists collaborating in bringing high-class performances.

Sharing a rich sense of community, this festival brings people together to enjoy the event.

Relaxation and Recreation Activities

Aside from the mind-blowing performances, the event also has other activities that you can enjoy. Here are some of the booths you can visit and have fun with your friends and family with. We have a skateboard ramp, food booths and merchandise tents.

While enjoying the music, revel in the cool shade in the beer garden. There’s also the Talk Tent where kids can do fun things.

There’s also spoken word poetry presentations that you can attend in another tent, not far away from other tents.

Want to simply enjoy the cheerful atmosphere? There’s also has a place for you. You can enjoy basking in the sun while watching others

You can also check out other places with the ground map and check the schedules on our website.

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